Life can be very overwhelming at times and it is so easy for our thoughts and emotions to be all over the place. I have experience of supporting people as the former manager of a crisis centre and provide a safe space for you to express yourself, just as you are. Together, we will look at how your past might still be impacting upon your life now. We will explore your dreams and look at how an understanding of them can bring more wholeness to your life. Overall, we will look at your existing mindsets and see how they might be playing a role in stopping you from truly enjoying your life in the present. The more we can shine light upon how you view the world, then we can begin to open up a space for your joyful and authentic space to emerge.

I offer both online therapy or face to face sessions in Colindale, Northwest London.

Please take a look at the 'About Me' and 'Psychosynthesis' sessions to find out more about how I work.



Tel: 07799615946