What is Psychosynthesis?



"This is the goal of the soul path - to feel existence; not to overcome life's struggles and anxieties, but to know life first hand, to exist fully in context."

- Thomas Moore




Psychosynthesis is grounded in traditional psychology and recognises that at some point we all suffer and that through that suffering we can grow into deeper, wiser people. By making meaning of our suffering we can begin to express ourselves more fully and authentically.

This psychological approach focuses on understanding who you are most essentially and when connected with that, how would you choose to express that in your work, in your relationships and the choices that you make in your life. It is a developmental approach which can help guide you towards understanding personal motivation and purpose.

All the parts of the person are valued and included: the unconscious, the past history, the here and now and the dreams and visions.

Sometimes also, someone may never have received good listening and appreciation of who they really are, and the forming of a relationship with the therapist over the course of treatment, can repair and heal deeply within, as the client feels loved and honoured, and truly heard and seen.