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After years of working as a manager of a respite sanctuary for people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, I am now using these skills to offer support and guidance as a psychotherapist, helping you to reconnect with your authentic self and let go of any old patterns that are holding you back from living your life in the fullness you deserve.

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I also have another role as a shamanic practitioner. In this capacity, I offer a range of different healing techniques utilising the ancient wisdom of both the Incea and Toltec cultures, utilising my years of personal practice. Healings that I offer include a unique combination of profoundly revitalising Inca practices with the system of traditional Japanese Reiki. I also offer one to one sessions with the ancient Toltec obsidian mirror - an in depth and wonderfully effective technique to both nourish and heal your whole emotional and nervous system.

In addition, I am a shamanic drum maker. The shamanic drum is one of the oldest tools used by healers across the world. The beat of the drum can take you into a deep meditative state and help you to access the wisdom of your unconscious, as well as helping you to unwind after a difficult day and support you to disentangle from any heavy energies.

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"I'm so happy with my drum, Steve carried out exactly what I wanted. I have the most beautiful smoky quartz crystal laced into the handle for me to hold whilst journeying... I highly recommend him."



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"You don't find light by avoiding the darkness"


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