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"Your old dramas don't have much vital life force, but it takes a lot of your own vital life force to keep them alive."



Steve Altman - Brand Line

Shamanism is simply the process of opening up to your consciousness behind the ego – our authenticity beyond the programmed scripts of our minds.


That ability to connect to our higher self through ancestors, animal spirits and our guides.


To get in touch with the deeper messages of our lives.

As featured in the Economist

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Steve Altman - Brand Line

Incas of Peru speak of ayni – reciprocity. That divine interchange of energies. The importance of sharing our gifts with the world, whilst receiving the goodness and abundance of nature in return. I have spent time meditating by the Andes in Peru and feel a deep connection with the thriving Inca practices to harmoniously connect with the element forces. 

The ancient Toltecs of Mexico spoke of the value of incorporating the wisdom of the dream world into our everyday life, in addition to using sacred tools such as the obsidian mirror.

I have also been following the cycles of the 5000 year old Mayan calendar. Each day has its own harmonising energy, for example, the crocodile as a symbol of abundance and the day of the web which calls upon us to ask where we are currently finding ourselves caught. The Mayan day signs inform all I do – making drums, guiding ceremonies and providing shamanic treatments.

"The soul is not and land-locked entity. It can grow feathers."



Made from obsidian, the residue of black, volcanic ash – the obsidian mirror is one of the most powerful techniques that I know to help with overcoming limiting beliefs and connecting to your fullest potential. I will guide you in the process of gazing into the mirror and helping you to see and feel who you truly are beyond the mindsets that inhibit you.


Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing practice that works energetically to remove blockages from your body. Whilst a reiki session can be very profound in itself through its power of energetic release and the various insights that can be attained, I have also incorporated my study of ancient Inca healing techniques to create an Inca style of reiki. I will be guiding you through elemental meditations from the Inca lineage, as well as incorporating the shamanic drum and Native American flute into your session. You will be able to fly above your life and see the bigger picture of why you are going through your current experience. You will feel more grounded, less blocked and leave with a new lease of life.


Soul Retrieval is the process of reclaiming parts of yourself that have had to hide away in order for you to survive. This is a process of bringing yourself back to wholeness and completion. During our soul retrieval session, I will be calling in different parts of you and helping you to integrate them back into yourself. These may include your ability to set healthy boundaries, to reconnect with your joy and gratitude, as well as tuning back into anger and grief so that you are able to more fully express yourself in the world.

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Samanic Services

“Shapeshifting requires the ability to transcend your attachments, in particular your ego attachments to identity and who you are.


If you can get over your attachment to labeling yourself and your cherishing of your identity, you can be virtually anybody.


You can slip in and out of different shells, even different animal forms or deity forms.”


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